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10 Most Useful Conservation Tools

Are you considering upgrading the tools and equipment for your conservation studio?

If so, you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up the 10 most useful conservation tools currently available. From specialist stands that make repeated spatula use a breeze to double function suction tables that illuminate your work surface, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them…

Spatula Stand

The fully enclosed spatula stand for use with the 1E, 1EC and 1EM spatulas is ideal for projects where repeated spatula use is required throughout.

The heated spatula can safely rest inside the insulated stand, whilst maintaining the desired set temperature. The useful tray below can be used for tip storage, so everything you need is in one place.

Buy the stand here.

Hand Tool Set Type C

For the first time combining a spatula and control unit with a Willard Lining Iron, this special set has been put together based on popular combinations from our customers. This set will save you over £200 compared to buying the tools separately.

The Hand Tool Set Type C comprises of:

1 x Special Control Unit

1 x 1E (or 1EC) Heated Spatula with 7 tips

1 x 7E (or 8E) Standard Lining Iron

Find out more and buy here.

Temperature Monitor for Hand Tools

Need precise temperature control? The Willard Temperature Monitor facilitates easy observation of the hand tool temperature during treatment and can be operated with any of the Willard Control Units (Standard, Special and Hot Air Pen).

Simply place the monitor immediately adjacent to the area of work to confidently monitor hand tool temperature throughout treatment.

The monitor simply plugs into the small two pin socket on the rear of the Controller and has a long 2 metre (78 inch) flexible lead so it can be placed exactly where you need it.

Find out more and buy here.

Suction Tablet

The Willard Suction Tablet offers a practical, lightweight and useful suction option and is available in several sizes to suit your exact requirements.

The Tablet can be used on a suitable work surface or incorporated into a Willard Work Bench. As all Willard equipment is a manufactured in our UK workshops, we can design to order in many size combinations and with custom feature options to suit individual requirements.

This lightweight option can easily be stored away when not in use and is therefore most suitable for the smaller studio or occasional user.

Find out more and buy here.

Miniature Suction Platform

The Miniature Suction Platforms is the perfect piece of equipment to safely and accurately accomplish localised treatment, often without the need to remove a canvas from its stretcher.

Developed mainly for work on easel paintings, this miniature suction platform also caters to a variety of additional applications. They can be supplied as free standing units or with a floor stand for vertical positioning or fully integrated within a workbench for horizontal working.

The Miniature Suction Platform is available in either heated or un-heated specifications, the unheated version is thin yet still very strong. The heated suction platform model contains the unique and reliable Willard heating system and is naturally a little wider.

Find out more and buy here.

Magnifier Lamp

This magnifier lamp is an illuminated magnifier with a flexible self balancing arm of length 105cm. It offers shadow-free magnification with light coming from both sides, as well as three-dimensional magnification with light coming from the left or right. This magnifier lamp is supplied as standard with a desk clamp, it is also available with an optional floor trolley or weighted base for desk top use.

It comes equipped with two 6W LED modules, which are lit individually. The modules are dimmable and automatically turn themselves off after 4 or 9 hours in order to save energy. Light emitting diodes have an incredibly long life span with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

There is also a UV version available on request, fitted with a 400nm UVA light source.

Find out more and buy here.

Adjustable Height System

Not a tool on it’s own but this incredibly useful feature is available on all Willard Suction Tables, Laboratory Sinks, Work Benches and Lightbox Tables.

Enabling the working height to be adjusted by up to 200mm, the system comprises of a manually operated smooth step-less hydraulic system via a simple folding crank handle. There is also an electrically operated option, where the crank handle is replaced with a powered up / down switch.

Find out more and buy here.


The Willard Studio Luminaire uses the very latest in LED technology and is available in several different size combinations to suit any studio requirement.

The luminaire can be supplied with either floor stand, ceiling fixing, or track mounting onto the Willard track system and is also suitable for use with a pantograph suspension system for fall and rise height adjustment.

The featured luminaire is fitted with a fully dimmable bi-colour system comprising of both 5000K & 6500k lamps, which enables the user to select just the right colour temperature to suit a specific application via the smooth stepless dimming control.

The luminaire consumes a fraction of the energy associated with more traditional fluorescent lamps and has a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 25 years (based on a typical use of 8 hours a days 5 a week!), which makes them the most sustainable choice for illuminating any studio with quality colour rendering light.

Find out more here.

Midas Handheld UV Light

This high-performance UV-A inspection torch is a must-have for professional UV fluorescent inspection in conservation. Although it's not a Willard made product, we only resell the best in completing conservation tools and this is one of them.

This Midas Mini UV LED is ideal for use with the detection of cracks, leaks, hydrocarbons, clearcoats, security markings and more.

Find out more and buy here.

Sub-illuminated Suction Table

First designed and made for a bespoke order, this very useful Willard suction table with sub-illuminated LED back lighting is now available as part of our core range.

Providing an excellent illuminated work surface, it is constructed from open cell polyethylene sheet, which is flush mounted onto a sleek, but very rigid aluminium sub frame. the fully dimmable LED lighting system is fitted within

The work surface is constructed from open cell polyethylene sheet, which is flush mounted onto a sleek, but very rigid aluminium sub frame. Installed within the frame is a full size, fully dimmable LED lighting system, providing high quality light, which illuminates through to the work surface.

Find out more here.

Which conservation tools and equipment will make it into your basket?

Browse and shop the full range of conservation tools and equipment here.


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