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Accessories to make life in the conservation studio easier

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference. Additions such as temperature monitors, hand tool stands and special adjustable height features may seem small but they take out the guesswork, faff and backache that we simply put up with. But no more. Let us introduce to our range of accessories and special features destined to make your day-to-day that bit smoother.

Heated Spatula Stands

Finding a suitable, heat resistant spot to place your spatula in between repeated use in treatment can be rather frustrating. We have two purpose-made stands to give your hand tools the perfect resting spot.

One is fully enclosed for use with the 1E, 1EC and 1EM heated spatulas and features a useful tray below which can be used to store different tips, as pictured. Find out more and buy here.

Second, we have an open model which is compatible with all Willard heated spatulas. Find out more and buy here.

Heated Spatula Temperature Monitors

When precise temperature is required, take out the guesswork with the Willard Temperature Monitor which provides easy observation of the hand tool temperature during treatment. The monitor can be operated with any of the Willard Control Units (Standard, Special and Hot Air Pen) and has a long 2metre lead for ease of use.

Angled Display Control Unit Stand

There no need to struggle to see the setting and controls of your control units. This innovative stand holds the Control Unit at an angle and enhances visibility of the controls. This is ideal for use in locations where space is limited or when working at a distance from the Control Unit display.

Work Top Table Cover

Ideal for when space is tight or you simply want to utilise more workspace, a removable work top table cover for your Willard suction tables or sinks is the perfect solution. These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard tables and can be lined with a soft material to protect the perforated top surface of a suction table.

Height Adjustable Conservation Tables

A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work for conservation tables. With multiple conservators completing many different types of treatments, you need flexibility and one key aspect of this is table height. Willard Suction Tables, Laboratory Sinks, Work Benches and Lightbox Tables can all be factory fitted with a manually operated smooth step-less hydraulic table height adjustment system, which enables the working height to be adjusted by up to 200mm.

If you are looking to custom solutions to your conservation needs, Willard is pleased to offer a full custom build service. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist. Get in touch here.


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