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How to Care for your Conservation Suction Table

Are you a proud owner of a Willard Suction Table? Our tables are all built using the same proven technology that gives us our reputation for reliability and high build quality. To ensure your table stands the test of time, there are some simple things you can do to care for your suction table for conservation.

Our engineers benefit from years of experience and have put together some great first-hand tips on how to ensure your suction table stands the test of time.

  • Always empty the moisture trap both during and after use.

  • Check the Carbon Filter for signs of degradation, we recommend replacing your filter on a regular basis, dependant on use. Replacement filters available from Willard.

  • Keep the work surface clean, but do not use abrasives or cleaning agents, just warm water.

  • Ensure the table is ‘aired’ after each use. You can do this by running the suction pump on a low cycle with drain valve(s) open for at least 30 mins after use.

  • Never cover the table until all moisture has been removed.

  • If your Willard Suction table is fitted with the height adjustable feature, please always remember to ensure the table is in the fully lowered position before attempting to move the table, if moved in the raised position, it could damage the lifting supports.

More guidance on keeping your suction table running smoothly...

  • See that the moisture trap does not become over filled. Check the level regularly when using larger quantities of water.

  • Damp objects left in contact with the table could cause discolouration. Make sure that all surfaces external and internal are completely dry before covering.

  • The protective worktop cover is manufactured with an oak veneer to the top surface, the surface has been treated, but any damp or moist objects placed on the worktop could cause discolouration or staining to the veneer.

  • Remove water soluble stains with warm water.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, or polish on any part of the equipment.

Safety Guidance

  • Check that the voltage and frequency parameters of the unit are suitable for use with your mains supply. If incorrect, components could be damaged.

  • The electrical earthing system in the building must be functional and any cut-out systems fitted fully operative. It is recommended that the Suction Table should be connected to the electrical supply via a dedicated supply circuit.

  • As with all electrical equipment, the suction table should be tested on a regular basis in accordance with the current local regulations relevant to electrical safety. Ensure that this programme is up to date.

  • Lock castors before use. The power supply cord should also be placed carefully so as to present no tripping or trapping hazard.

  • Water must not be allowed to enter the exhauster housing. The hand held speed control unit uses low voltage, but water penetration should also be prevented.

  • The optional moisture trap is provided to protect the suction system from moisture ingress. If one is not fitted or if it’s capacity is exceeded, water could strike the spinning exhauster vanes, do not therefore allow this to occur. It is possible to purchase a moisture trap at any time, if required.

  • It is recommended that the exhaust be vented externally where possible. This also suppresses the slight rushing sound inherent in any air movement system.

  • Pressure relief valves are fitted to domes and hoods, but are not intended to withstand high negative pressures or large volume air flow. Do not lower a dome or place a hood on the table with the exhauster already running as it could create a shock loading on the structure and fracture the acrylic.

  • Use the handles provided to raise and lower the hood, but care must be taken to ensure that fingers and any other objects do not become caught or trapped, as the hood is lowered into position, both on and off the table.

  • Do not rest or place any object on the dome or hood.

  • Never leave equipment unattended whilst in use.

Please note: Willard suction tables are designed and built to such a standard that only routine maintenance should be required. If you do experience any problems, contact us first. Do not try to disassemble or adjust the equipment yourself as doing so could void the guarantee. The perforated surface is factory fitted and adjusted for flatness. Do not attempt to remove it.


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