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Product Focus: Conservation and Preservation Equipment - Supersized!

We’ve put together lists on the best Conservation and Preservation Equipment for small scale works or for when studio space is limited, but we thought it would be fun to showcase some of our largest, supersized equipment pieces!

The Largest Willard Suction Table Ever Made

The first piece of preservation equipment that comes to mind is our largest ever multifunction suction table. This piece was a custom order that came from an existing customer of ours, Fælleskonserveringen, ‘The Joint Conservation Association of Danish Museums’ an institution, which undertakes the preservation of works of art. Based at Kronborg Castle at Helsingor Denmark, the Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful and famous for its association with Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The request was to be a total design, build and install project, which included transportation of the equipment, as well as, installation and commissioning.

The table took approximately 7 months to complete and due to its size of over 3 metres x 4 metres, it gradually became more and more difficult to manoeuvre the assembled table.

This project certainly had it’s challenges, including using cranes to lift it over the castle walls, but it was a success! Read the full blog post about this project over on our International website here.

Light Wall

Measuring at an impressive 3x2meters, this supersized light wall was designed with an integrated easel built to hold paintings. Alongside many other uses, this piece of equipment is used for light scanning of artwork using the integrated easel.

This particular project was a part of our bespoke design and build service where our engineers worked alongside professionals at the Tate, London to develop this unique Light Wall for their conservation department.

Supersized Washing Table

Another custom build, this large scale automated Textile Washing system measures at approximately 8x10meters and was specifically developed to wash large tapestry pieces at Hampton Court Palace.

This particular design features a hydraulic system to enable lowering and lifting the perforated washing bed into the washing tank, whist an automatic spray boom with evenly spaced fine spray nozzles can travel the length of the tank and spray wash the object undergoing treatment.

Watch the table in action below…

As the designers and manufacturers of Willard tools and equipment, we regularly help conservators develop the exact tools they need to enhance their work. Can we help with your next project?


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