New Conservation Tools: Environment & Data Logging

New for 2017 is our comprehensive range of environment and data logging tools for use in the conservation and preservation of artwork, objects, paper, textiles and much more. Discover the range’s features in our latest blog post.

Rotronic HC2-HS42 Sword Probe

humidity and temperature probe, conservation equipment

Temperature and humidity sword probe for measurement in paper and textile stacks. Cable mount 2 m for convenient measurement on racks. Interchangeable in seconds for convenient use with the Rotronic HP22 handheld (please see above).


  1. Thin aluminium blade 420 mm length, cable mount probe 2 m

  2. Interfaces with Rotronic HP22 handheld, no adjustment required on connection

  3. Supplied with a factory certificate

View the Rotronic HC2-HS42 Sword Probe product listing here

Rotronic HC2A-S Probe

Temperature and humidity probe, conservation tools

Precision temperature and humidity probe for measurements in air. Interchangeable in seconds for use with the Rotronic HygroPalm HP22.


  1. Interfaces with Rotronic HP22 handheld

  2. Range of application: -50 to 100 °C / 0 to 100 %rh (handheld)

  3. Specified accuracy at 23°C ±5 °C: 0.8 %rh, 0.1 °C

  4. Supplied with a factory certificate

View the Rotronic HC2A-S Probe product listing here

Rotronic HD1 Temperature & Humidity Display