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New product: Willard Inset Lab Sink with Heating

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new product to our already extensive range of conservation tools and equipment; the Willard Lab Sink.

Catering to growing demand, this new design enables a fixed sink with optional heating to be flush mounted within a fully enclosed mobile cabinet, with ample cupboard storage facility. The sink can be produced in a variety of different sizes and can be mounted centrally or offset, as shown in this example pictured.

The optional heating system is provided by a unique Willard heating cassette, which is mounted below the sink base and has a useful temperature controller to enable a range of temperatures to be selected.

The cabinet can either be free standing, as shown in this example with total lock castors or built to fit into any fixed size and mounted on adjustable feet pads. This unit can be produced in many size combinations and tailored to suit a specific location or requirement.

Click here for a full product description and how to buy.



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