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Planning a New Conservation Studio Fit Out? Need Help and Advice?

With unrivalled experience in supplying conservation studios with essential equipment, we are pleased to offer an advisory and consultation service for studio fit outs.

Willard Conservation has worked in close collaboration with conservators, project managers, contractors and architects around the world for over five decades to fulfil essential equipment requirements. From providing our world-renowned heated spatulas, suction tables, lighting, workbenches and easels to custom developed equipment to meet specific local needs, we can provide a comprehensive consultation service to help you build your list of requirements.

Whether new-build or renovation, designing work spaces is challenging and stressful right from the concept stage through to interpreting and keeping up to date with drawings, numerous revisions, mechanical and electrical requirements, and of course ensuring that the final result will have enough circulation space, access and flexibility. We can offer our experience at any stage to help you make the best decisions, ask the right questions and get the outcome you need.

If you would like to talk to us about a studio fit out, get in touch with us here.


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