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Product focus: Conservation tools for Precision on Small Scale

When working on small scale and detailed conservation projects, you need a lot of time, patience, focus and of course, accuracy. Using the finest Willard tools for conservation will go along way in helping you achieve such accuracy and in this blog post, we’re showcasing the best of our tools for use in projects where detailed precision is paramount.

Magnifier Lamp for Conservation

magnifier lamp for conservation

This magnifier lamp is the ultimate tool for close-up conservation work. An illuminated magnifier offers shadow-free magnification with light coming from both sides, as well as three-dimensional magnification with light coming from the left or right. With a flexible self balancing arm of length 105cm, the lamp is supplied as standard with a desk clamp. t is also available with an optional floor trolley or weighted base for desk top use.


There is also a UV version available on request, fitted with a 400nm UVA light source.

Find out more here.

Miniature Suction Wand

miniature suction wand

If it’s miniature suction power you need, our Miniature Suction Wand is ideal for accessing restricted or precise locations requiring treatment. The Wand can be attached to a suitable suction source via a length of flexible connecting hose making this a very versatile and adaptable tool. 


Our Miniature Suction Wands are built to order and can therefore be produced in different sizes to suit any specific requirement. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist. 

N.B. The model shown in the photo is produced in the size 150mm x 60mm.

Find out more here.

Miniature Suction Platform

miniature suction platform for conservation

For localised or small scale treatments, the Miniature Suction Platforms mimics the functionality of the larger Willard Suction Tables to safely and accurately accomplish treatment, often without the need to remove a canvas from its stretcher. These platforms are developed mainly for work on easel paintings, but also cater to a variety of additional applications. They can be supplied as free standing units or with a floor stand for vertical positioning or fully integrated within a workbench for horizontal working.


Available in either heated or un-heated specifications, the unheated version is thin yet still very strong. The heated suction platform model contains the unique and reliable Willard heating system and is naturally a little wider.

Find out more here.

Miniature Heated Spatula

mini heated spatula

This miniature spatula is the smallest of its type available and has a range of tips to suit a variety of precision applications. The 1EM Mini Heated Spatula / Tacking Iron can be fitted with any of the Mini tips or silver Micro tips, which have been developed specifically to complement this ‘pen’ like tool. 

 The right amount of heat can be applied with ultimate accuracy to a specific area, making this an ideal tool for tear mending together with a variety of other similar applications. This mini heated spatula is fitted with a fully insulated and reinforced durable handle for comfortable use.

Find out more here.

Spatula Stand

If repeated spatula use is required throughout your project, then our two spatula stand options are ideal.


With the enclosed spatula stand, your spatula can safely rest inside the insulated stand, whilst maintaining the desired set temperature. The useful tray below can be used for tip storage.

Find out more about the enclosed stand here.

View the open stand here.


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