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Product Spotlight: Sub-Illuminated Suction Table  

Introducing the Willard Sub-Illuminated Suction Table. First designed for a bespoke commission, we are now pleased to present this incredibly useful piece of studio equipment as part of our main range.

Willard researched the development of a Sub-Illuminated Suction Table for several years, but only recently has the technology been available to make a really effective solution to meet the standards required. A combination of substantial improvements to LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and highly technical, air-permeable plastics allowed us to make the next step.

The evenly illuminated work surface combines the benefits of a light box with a suction table thus allowing conservators to spot tears and variations in the density of an object, making it easier to prepare and apply reinforcements and repairs with great precision. This is of particular importance when dealing with paper, parchment and translucent textiles. Illumination can also facilitate leaf casting, helping to define the missing areas and check on the deposition of infill fibres.

Otherwise the possibilities for use are the same as for our perforated top tables:

  1. Holding objects safely and securely in place whilst being treated, with an even distribution of air pressure across the whole surface.

  2. Induced flow cleaning and consolidation/impregnation.

  3. Application of repair materials with exclusion of air bubbles and conformity with surface contours without pressure ‘hot spots’.

  4. Lining and lamination.

  5. The table can be used with the lighting turned off or simply as a light box; a truly versatile piece of equipment.

The table can currently be manufactured in sizes up to 1200mm x 1800mm and can be supplied, mounted on a typical sturdy Willard table frame with exhauster unit and optional accessories such as, Height Adjustment, Moisture Trap and Activated Carbon Filter or as a table top model for use on an existing workbench.

We are also pleased to offer variants of this table to suit your specific needs so please get in touch for further information and to discuss your requirements. Contact us here.

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