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Spotlight: Servicing and Maintenance of your Conservation Tools and Equipment

Here at Willard, we pride ourselves on our robust craftsmanship so our conservation tools and equipment go on to serve our customers for as long as possible. However even the most reliable construction can show signs of wear after years of reliable use. It is then that we are more than happy to offer an economical repair and maintenance service, to ensure the life of your Willard tools & equipment, can be extended even further. So instead of cheap throwaway tools, a investment in tools that are built to last and offer prolonged reliability and precision prove to be the sustainable choice in conservation.

Here are just some examples of servicing and maintenance tasks our engineers have completed recently.


We have recently carried out a service to a suction table, which was over 20 years old. The table required a service visit by our technicians who dismantled, cleaned & completed a minor repair. The table was left in full working order, likely to once again, provide reliable service to that customer for a further 20 years. We have also completed total refurbishments to older Multi-Function tables, which can be performed to any table anywhere in the World. This service upgrades these tables to current day standards, the restored table, is as good as new, at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Replacing cords and plugs

No matter how much we have strengthened the cords and connections on our hand tools, general wear and tear can sometimes result in the need for repair, or replacement of the cord. We offer a quick and cost effective service, where we can replace any of these cords with a new silicone coated flex fitted with hard wearing and durable connections.

General repairs

We take great pride in the after sales service we offer and can provide one-off repairs, or regular maintenance and servicing programs for all Willard products, to ensure that all equipment is calibrated and working, as new.

A few years ago, we even received a Heated Spatula that was first made in 1976 and only needed a repair 40 years later! Read more about this customer story here:

If you would like to talk to us about any servicing or maintenance requirements, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to assist.


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