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Practising sustainability with the best multi tools for conservation

How much use do you get out of your tools for conservation? Would you benefit from having a few tools that assist with most studio projects? We get it, some multitools get a bad reputation for skimping on quality but we can assure you that is not the case with Willard multi tools.

It all started back in the 1950’s when our founder, Jack Willard created the first ever multi function table for conservation. On this one table, for the first time, professionals were able to complete a host of applications with just one piece of equipment. From relining and mending to relaxing textiles and much more. This table was so revolutionary of its time that it even featured on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World program. For more information on our multifunction table, click here.

Since then we have gone on to develop many more tools and equipment boasting more than just one function while saving space, money and materials. And as all of our tools benefit from our infamous long lasting craftsmanship, investing in our tools is an easy way to practice sustainability in your studio. Take a look at just some examples of our best multi tools for conservation below…

Heated Spatula Sets

Our Heated Spatula Sets are put together to provide unbeatable value and multifunction. Each set it supplied with 7 tips to maximise the use of the spatula.

Take a look at the range here.

Heated Spatula Tips

Adding to the flexibility of your heated spatula, for unique projects, we have a range of specialist tips first made for bespoke projects and now available as part of our core range. Take a look here.

As the manufacturers of all Willard products, we can work with you to design and make any specialist tip you may need. Simply get in touch and we would be happy to assist you.

Sub-illuminated Suction Table

Combining two of the most used pieces of equipment in conservation studios, a light box and suction table, this sub-illuminated suction table is one of our most popular products. A game-changer for some, this table not only saves space but heightens productivity and even conservation quality. Take a look here.

Suction table hoods and chambers

Our lightweight and frameless hoods feature an opening and cover to one side facilitating the easy insertion and removal of objects. They can also be used separately as a humidification chamber on a Willard Companion table or other suitable surface such as a work bench or a suction table with worktop fitted.

The Willard Acrylic Dome is moulded from a single sheet of durable acrylic and is produced individually to fit each table. The domes are attached on hinges and fitted with balanced gas struts to provide easy opening and closing. The domes are fitted with a pressure relief valve to avoid excess suction causing damage to the dome and table. An additional inlet port can also be installed to enable humidification from an external source.

A removable work top table cover provides a useful additional work surface when a piece of equipment such as a suction table or laboratory sink is not in use. Once again saving space and materials. These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard suction tables and laboratory sinks.

If you can think of a multi tool that would benefit your practice but we haven’t yet made, please get in touch and our team of experienced engineers will be happy to help.


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