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The Best Student Conservator Case Studies

As proud supporters of up and coming and student conservators, we regularly publish our favourite conservation case studies from students around the world on our popular LinkedIn page to share with our network. As the new term starts, here we showcase the best conservation case studies we’ve seen so far in 2015 which will be especially useful for those about to embark on a new term to start their career as a conservator. If you would like to showcase your own conservation case study, please post them on our LinkedIn Page here.


What: Student Blog: Around the World of Conservation (pictured above) Where: University of Delaware Why: This blog is an insightful account of what can be achieved and learned from three years as an undergraduate in conservation. This is must read for future conservation students interested in what their course could entail and what they can potentially achieve. View HERE.


What: Guest Post: Conservation Close-up (pictured above) Where: V&A Why: As a student conservator, many placement opportunities will be available to you and this particular blog details one particular placement at the world renowned V&A museum in London, the challenges faced when working on certain projects and the techniques used to overcome them. View HERE


What: Historical Binding Model: 1756 Italian Binding (pictured above) Where: West Dean College Why: The West Dean blog is a great resource of conservation projects so it was hard to choose just one, however we love the photographs and detailed commentary on this particular blog post that made this a very insightful blog to read. View HERE

If you are working on an interesting case study you think we should know about, especially if you are using Willard tools and equpment, please send them to us by email on, or alternatively, get social and send us a link on Twitter or post it directly to our LinkedIn page here.


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