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Conservation Equipment for Washing and Cleaning

It’s the season where wet cleaning projects commence so we’ve pulled together some of our most popular pieces of conservation equipment for washing and cleaning. From lab sink variations to the best in lighting systems that will give the illumination you need for every project. What's on your wish list?

Our laboratory sinks for conservation studios are fully customisable to suit your intended use and space so you can get the very best from your investment. Here are two of our most popular variations; the lab sink with drying rack an the lab sink with integrated cabinets.

The under mounted drying rack model is designed to provide conservators with a flexible washing, draining and drying system suitable for most locations. The drying rack can also be produced with shelves, or a combination of shelves and drying rack. The washing tank is supplied with a geared tilting mechanism, which can be used during either the washing, draining or drying processes. The individually constructed stainless steel tank has a smooth double folded top lip for rigidity together with an extra thick rigid base of stainless steel to ensure strength and flatness. The drainage point is generally located on either the centre line or to one side, at the hinged end of the tank, to suit your requirements. At the opposite end is a geared crank handle which enables the sink assembly to be gradually tilted up to approximately 4 inches (100mm) in height.

As designers and manufactures of our sinks, we can cater to any size or custom feature required. Find out more about our Laboratory Sinks with Drying Rack here.

The Willard laboratory sink with integrated cabinets are ideal for those in need of storage and looking for one place to house all related tools and materials. The basic preset for this model is a flush mounted sink with a fully enclosed cabinet, providing ample storage space while there are a number of custom options available with this model. Such options include size, the sink mounted centrally or offset, and a heating system which enables a range of temperatures to be selected. The cabinet can also either be free standing, with total lock castors or built to fit into any fixed size and mounted on adjustable foot pads. 

Find out more about our Laboratory Sink with integrated Cabinet here.


Whichever conservation project your working on, having the best light to work in is paramount. Willard’s Studio Luminaire uses the very latest in LED technology to achieve an impressive CRI of 99 which is the closest to daylight currently available on the market. Available in several different size combinations to suit any studio requirement, the luminaire can be supplied with either floor stand, ceiling fixing, or mounting onto the Willard track system. The Luminaire is also suitable for use with a pantograph suspension system for fall and rise height adjustment.


Find out more about our ultra energy efficient studio lighting here.

Our renowned Textile Washing Tables are the most versatile washing systems available for conservation. Featuring an adjustable tilt, they can be used as support and drainage platforms and can easily be converted to a washing tank for both large and small scale textile items.


Available with an optional undersurface, sensor controlled heating system to maintain temperature of water, these tables can be made in any size to suit your needs.

Find out more about our Textile Washing Tables here.

A classic equipment option and a mainstay in many studios around the world, The Willard Suction Cleaning & Washing Table is specifically designed for controllable medium pressure, induced flow washing and rinsing where larger quantities of water are required.

This table may also be used as a large sink unit for immersion and gravity flow washing as it features a removable, perforated suction top, stainless steel washing tank (or sink) with tilting mechanism and a support frame on heavy duty lockable castors and a full width shelf for the storage of trays and materials.

Find out more about our Suction Cleaning & Washing Table here.

If you are looking for a washing system that isn’t featured here, please get in touch where you will be able to talk with our experienced engineers about your requirements and how we can help.


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