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The Willard Conservation Prize at West Dean

We are very pleased to announce that The West Dean College Willard Conservation Prize 2023 has been awarded to Abi Tudor (pictured in action), MA Conservation, Furniture. As keen supporters of the next generation of conservation professionals, we always endeavour to support and sponsor training foundations and prizes wherever possible. Read more about why Abi was awarded the prize below.

Abi Tudor, MA Conservation, Furniture was awarded the Willard Conservation Prize for the high standard of her work on her project; 'Evaluation the Mechanical and Working Properties of Bulked Lascaux 498HC and Lascaux 303HV and their Suitability for Filing Non-Structural Splits in Wood.'

This is what Abi's tutor had to say about the prize winning project...

"The research brief was very well formulated, clearly communicating the project, the problem addressed and the aim. The literature review was coherent and thorough and made explicit connections with the methodology. The theory of mechanical properties of adhesives was articulated clearly, then applied and with accessible findings

explained to a non-specialist audience.

The practical testing methodologies developed struck an excellent balance between practical bench-based tests that conservators find relatable and more conventional scientific testing where variables were isolated and tested independently. The findings of the working properties were communicated very well with well-reasoned and clear conclusions that supported experimental results.

Based on the overall quality of the work the student was encouraged to adapt the thesis for wider publication."

Well done Abi! The team at Willard wish you all the best in your future career.


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