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Willard Table at The National Centre for Restoration in Kyiv

Nearly one year on from the delivery of the conservation suction table we donated to The National Centre for Restoration in Kyiv; Willard have had a lovely update from the team in Ukraine.

By all accounts, the table has given the team a massive boost in their efforts to repair and conserve a variety of items of cultural significance. The repair of such items is crucial in the bid to reclaim pieces that would otherwise be lost in the continued war effort in Ukraine. The conservators and heritage professionals who remain in the country are doing an incredible job to conserve what they can and preserve pieces for future generations to learn about and enjoy. 

As you can see pictured, young conservators Katya and Misha are treating a badly torn painting on the Willard table. Measuring at 3.5meters x 2.5meters, the table is big enough to accommodate some of the largest paintings requiring attention.

The team at Willard are so pleased that we were able to donate the table to help conservators in Kyiv and are humbled by the recent update showing the table in use. 

We would like to send our friends in Ukraine our very best wishes and will keep them in our thoughts as they enter another harsh winter in conflict. 

To read our original post on our table donation to The National Centre for Restoration in Kyiv, please click here.


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