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Top 3 Conservation Case Studies of 2015 so far…

Every week, Willard share interesting case studies from conservation studios, museum and galleries around the world, so every month Willard will be showcasing our top 3 favourites on the blog to share with our customers. 

The Met Museum has presented a fascinating series of blog posts on the step by step conservation process being carried out on Le Brun’s remarkable Jabach portrait. With the final blog being posted last week, we urge you to indulge in this series if you haven’t already! Click here to be redirected to the Jabach series.

The Guggenheim recently showcased how invaluable technology has become to enhance the work of art conservation and how it provided a much clearer picture on the image behind Picasso’s ‘Women Ironing’. Read more here.

We love reading about the projects embarked on by the students at West Dean College (which is just down the road from Willard Conservation) and one of our favourite subjects of late has been blog series of the conservation of Jane Austen manuscript fragments. View the full series here.

For more regular posts on conservation case studies, follow us on LinkedIn here.

Image source: Met Museum, Guggenheim, West Dean.

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