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Top 5 Conservation And Preservation Projects of 2023 so far…

If you’re not yet familiar with Willard’s company LinkedIN page, we use it as a place to share fantastic articles and blog posts centring on the most interesting conservation projects and news that we find. Here, we’re rounding up the most popular posts enjoyed by our readers so everyone can enjoy these fantastic articles.

The Book Surgery is Open: Learning the Art of Book Spine Repairs

Watch how paper conservator, Mhairi Boyle trains to learn new book conservation skills with Book Conservator Caroline Scharfenberg (ACR). To many, these tasks may look one and the same, but as books are 3D objects with moving parts, there are many different skills to be learnt.

The Death of Socrates: New Discoveries at The MET

This interactive article on the MET’s website fully immerses readers into the full technical examination of Jacques Louis David’s masterpiece. The analysis revealed the refinements seen in the artist’s preparatory drawings that didn’t end when he began painting—rather, they continued through all stages of its execution.

We thoroughly enjoyed this article and were thrilled to see Willard’s easel had been used to hold the masterpiece - something we never get tired of seeing.

Take yourself through this fantastic article here.

New Technology for Conservators

New technology and new techniques are always welcomed in the conservation industry which is why we imagine this article was such a hit with our readers. Augmented reality in conservation is providing a whole host of opportunities for when being there in person just isn’t possible. For example in this article, someone with mobility issues being able to take part in conservation analysis in an otherwise, inaccessible location, and collaboration with professionals from around the world to minimise travel, the possibilities really are endless.

How can you imagine this technology benefiting you? Read more here.

Designing a Treatment for The Grammar of Ornament

Weighing 20pounds, this 1856 edition of the famous ‘The Grammar of Ornament’ requires extensive conservation, but designing treatment to sympathetically celebrate the book as an endless reference point for artists and designers needs careful planning.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The Perfect Pink

This article must be a familiar scene with many textile conservators around the world. Making upwards of 90 samples to find the ‘perfect’ match for your specific project. Knowing all the samples will not be wasted, but will go on to help other conservators in the future as part of a wider catalogue must be a rewarding task, and even more so once the perfect match has been found.


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