Top 5 Conservation Tools for Analysis & Investigation

Preparing an object for conservation requires extensive analysis to ensure the correct techniques and applications are used to get the best results. To help you do this, Willard offer the best in Analysis and Investigation Tools for Conservation; take a look at just a few examples from our range.

If you are looking for something we don’t have, please do contact us as we regularly design and make custom tools and equipment for conservators.

Sub-illuminated suction table

The evenly illuminated work surface of this NEW table combines the benefits of a light box with a suction table thus allowing conservators to spot tears and variations in the density of an object, making it easier to prepare and apply reinforcements and repairs with great precision. This is of particular importance when dealing with paper, parchment and translucent textiles. Illumination can also facilitate leaf casting, helping to define the missing areas and check on the deposition of infill fibres.

Find out more about the sub-illuminated suction table here.

Reskolux UV 365 LED Set

Image showing under UV investigation

The pocket-size Reskolux UV 365, is an innovative test and analysis instrument for surface fluorescence investigation of objects and materials undergoing conservation & restoration. This UV light is the perfect partner for on the go appraisal and valuation purposes and is the ideal UV light for painting conservation needs.

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UV Safety Glasses

Enjoy 100% protection against UV radiation up to 400nm with our UV Safety Glasses. The lenses have advanced anti-fog performance (at least 30 seconds) on both sides, are scratch-resistance and antistatic. The antifogging properties are permanent, even after being repeatedly cleaned making them suitable for areas with high humidity.

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Magnifier Lamp

This magnifier lamp offers shadow-free magnification which is ideal for the inspection and analysis of intricate and complex details.  This illuminated magnifier with a flexible self balancing arm of length 105cm benefits from light coming from both sides, as well as three-dimensional magnification with light coming from the left or right.

Find out more and buy here.

Scanning Easel

This wall mounted Scanning Easel is an important tool for every large studio to assist in studying the underlying structure of a painting, including microscopic infra-red/ultraviolet and X-ray information. These Easels are tailored to meet individual requirements and can be shipped in a semi assembled state for easy assembly and installation on site.

Find out more here.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Willard regularly cater to bespoke orders for conservation tools and equipment and are happy to discuss your needs – please just ask!







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