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Top Conservation Case Studies of 2016 So Far…

It’s that time again where we look back over the conservation case studies we have posted on our popular LinkedIn group from the year so far and showcase our favourites. In this feature, we have a diverse range of projects ranging from the on-site conservation of a burial chamber in Egypt to the fascinating account of conserving Albrecht Dürer’s Triumphal Arch complete with interactive photos and timelapse videos of the work in action. Which one is your favourite?

Lapis and Gold: Mounting folios of the Ruzbihan Qur’an.

Where: Chester Beatty Conservation Why: This case study showcases exactly what goes into preparing art work for temporary exhibition with preservation at the fore of the process to conserve the extensive restoration work already carried out on the pieces. View Case Study Here

Conservation Treatment of a Portrait of Anne Boleyn

Where: The National Portrait Gallery Why: An in-depth report of treatment is broken down into digestible chunks which would interest even the most casual of art enthusiasts. Who would have though the supporting wooden panels would have such an effect on the surface of the painting? View Case Study Here

Doll Conservation

Where: The Bowes Museum Why: This two-part series is lovely account of what has happened to the doll for it to become so deteriorated and the strict washing process that is undertaken to conserve and restore the 17th century fashion doll. View Case Study Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here

Conserving Dürer’s Triumphal Arch: Coming Apart at the Seams

Where: The British Museum Why: This is a fascinating case study documenting the mammoth task of removing the degraded textile backing from the detailed print by Albrecht Dürer which is an impressive 357cm x 295cm. This project shows what can be achieved when working with a highly skilled team, similar to the production of the print itself. We particularly enjoyed the interactive image of the print and the timelasped video of the conservators at work. View Case Study Here

Report from the field: Conservation in the burial chamber of king Woseribre-Senebkay

Where: Egypt, on behalf of the Penn Museum Why: ‘In the Artifcat Lab’ is one of our favourite conservation blogs as we regularly see posts unraveling the mysteries surrounding Ancient Egypt, it’s Mummies and much more. This particular post documents in-house conservator Molly Gleeson’s trip to Egypt itself and I think we were just as excited as she was to see some ‘on-site’ conservation work in the field. View Case Study Here

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