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Willard Conservation Donates Conservation Suction Table to Support Conservation Efforts in Ukraine

Paul Willard (pictured second right) alongside his team of engineers behind the newly refurbished relining table

We are pleased to share the news that Willard Conservation has donated a conservation suction table worth over £50,000 to The National Centre for Restoration in Kyiv, Ukraine to assist with the protection and conservation of priceless heritage objects in the war-torn country.

Rescuing priceless works of art and items of cultural significance is anything but easy at the best of times, but in countries like Ukraine suffering conflict, the brave work undertaken by conservators still in Ukraine demonstrates selfless commitment to their country’s heritage. Willard hopes that by providing the first table of its kind in the country, the lives of professionals still working in the country will be made a lot easier with this vital piece of conservation equipment. Measuring at 3.5meters x 2.5meters, this table is one of the largest in the world.

Painting Conservator-Restorer, Katya Belaia-Selzer has been a vital link to fellow conservators in Ukraine and has been instrumental in the organisation of this donation. Katya recently commented on the awful news of museums in occupied regions in Ukraine being looted and completely emptied. “The table is going to make a big difference and will undoubtedly be a huge morale boost for our Ukrainian colleagues. I keep this image in my head of visiting Kyiv soon when the war is won and seeing their wonderful conservation department all beautifully equipped.” Katya Belaia-Selzer along with her her colleague Donatella Banti are the co-founders of the UA-UK Cultural Heritage Initiative.

To support the donation, our regular shipping partner, P&M Packaging of Eastleigh have kindly donated the shipping case to ensure safe delivery of the table, which is planned to commence in the very near future.

Paul Willard, CEO at Willard Conservation said, "we feel compelled to help the conservation community in Ukraine in their time of extreme adversity. Preservation of the world's priceless works of art and historic media is of paramount importance and we're pleased to be able to help in this small but nevertheless, important way”.

Committed to nurturing the future of conservation, Willard Conservation regularly supports conservation events and conferences as well as sponsoring student and emerging conservators. This donation is the company’s most generous to date and we hope to continue supporting in-need causes in the near future.


Today (6.12.22), we have welcomed two Ukrainian Conservators to our workshops to see the table in action before it is packed and shipped. It's safe to say, they were very happy with their new table!


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