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Willard Sponsorship News

The Willard team have been busy in the workshop developing a brand new spatula, which we will be telling you about very soon; in the meantime however, we wanted to share our latest sponsorship news!

We’ve are pleased to announce that we are proud sponsors of the IADA congress in Berlin from 12th to 16th October. Our German partners, Deffner & Johann will be exhibiting at the congress too and will have one of the new spatulas to demonstrate. For more information on this now fully booked event, click here.

Willard is also sponsoring the IIC Student & Emerging Conservator Conference in Warsaw on 15th to 16th October. Held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the event has been designed to facilitate communication between student/emerging conservators and professionals active in the field of conservation, in national institutions and museums as well as in the private sector, while offering an international perspective. Click here for more information on the event.


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