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Best Conservation Case Studies of 2019 So Far

We’re only 4 months into 2019 and we’ve already seen some fantastic examples of conservation work and in our latest blog, we’re showcasing our favourites of 2019 so far! Have you been working on a project your particularly proud of? We’d love to hear about – please comment with your projects or send us an email!

Which project is your favourite from our picks below?

The Art and Satisfaction of Stain Removal

While a dark, “8”-shaped stain on a 300-year-old print might worry some, finding a way to remove it was a very satisfying part of Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC) Fellow Joanna Hurd’s training to become an art conservator. Read more here.

Rectifying Past Conservation Efforts – Stela Edition

The Artefact Lab at The Penn Museum is one of our favourite blogs as Ancient Egypt provides a constant source of fascination and we just love seeing the projects the team are working on. This case study provides a fine example of how greatly conservation has advanced and what conservators are now able to achieve by rectifying previous conservation efforts. Read more here.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Two Jan van Eyck Frames at The MET

This compelling series of blogs deciphers a host of mysteries found when this project was initially taken on and has resulted in a restoration much more successful than originally intended. Read the series of blogs here.

Conservation Work Reveals Hidden Revisions

The study and treatment of a Renaissance altarpiece at The Getty reveals new details about the Italian Master’s working method, as well as his brilliant colours. Read more here.

The Hero of Niagara and His Wheelbarrows

Sometimes it’s the story behind the object that make them so significant and this is most definitely the case with these wheelbarrows. The story of the famous tightrope walker, Blondin is an extraordinary one; from being the first to cross Niagra Falls to hauling a lion in a wheelbarrow 70ft in the air, find out more about this sensational tale and conservation project here.

Preserving and storing an Iris van Herpen Dress

Although this project was published late 2018, we had to include it! The conservation of modern materials certainly presents it’s challenges and we really enjoyed reading about how the Cincinnati Art Museum faced the challenge of storing “Capriole” part of Van Herpen’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection which consists of 2,642 triangles of acrylic sheet. This stunning design is at the forefront of innovation in the fashion industry and deserves the utmost protection, see how they did it via the link below. Read more here.

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