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Collection Care Storage & Preservation Equipment

As we all know, prevention is better than cure, or rather preservation is better than conservation, which is why we have introduced a range of equipment to assist with collection care storage and management. From hygrometers and data loggers to storage boxes, discover the range below.

Archival Storage Boxes for Preservation

Air Tight Storage Boxes

archival storage boxes for preservation

Available in three different size capacities (29L / 44L / 70L) as standard and more on request, these storage boxes are made from tough, food grade polypropylene with air-tight polyurethane seal and reinforced lid for easy stacking. These boxes are ideal for the safe storage of a range of materials ranging from paper to objects.

These boxes are supplied with 3 x 25g silica gel bags and a humidity indicator strip.

Hygrometers for Preservation

Rotronic Sword Hygrometer GTS Set

hygrometer sword probe set

The GTS Hand Held Sword Hygrometer is an easy-to-use tool to measure the variable conditions between layers of paper, textiles and other difficult to monitor materials. With a fixed probe and a clear, uncluttered display for quick and accurate checking of stored items and exhibits, this unit is available as both a stand alone item and as a set.

The GTS Set consists of a GTS sword hygrometer, a pack of 50 % rh humidity standards for periodic checking of sensor performance, a calibration device and a protective storage/carrying case.

Rotronic HygroPalm HP21

environment spot checker, conservation tool

This tool is ideal for the swift and accurate spot-checking of conditions in museums, galleries and archives. It is a highly dependable instrument for use in public spaces, on and off-site storage areas and conservation studios.

The key benefits of this instrument is that it can be deployed without delay to take comparative measurements at different heights in a room, adjacent to air outlets, in corridors and doorways etc, to build up a detailed picture of the environmental structure within buildings.

Data Loggers for Conservation

Rotronic HL-20D DataLogger

data logger

Offering very high precision at an affordable price, the Rotronic Data Logger can be used in a variety of locations to reveal environmental fluctuations in storage and display areas. The unit can be deployed not only to monitor general conditions, but can also be placed in more confined, temporary locations for example, inside storage systems. The high accuracy of this unit can be used to assist the conservator and curator to determine the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to maintain desired values.

Minimal set-up time ensure ease of use especially when required in historic buildings and remote stores.


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