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Product Focus: NEW LED Studio Luminaire with CRI 99

We have launched a few new lighting models over the past year, both studio and handheld but this is the first studio luminaire that is using the very latest in LED technology. The team are extremely pleased with this latest model and we can't wait for our customers to benefit having already shipped some custom models out to large studios in the Middle East.

As the light is designed and manufactured in our Chichester workshops, the luminaire is available in several different size combinations to suit any studio requirement and can be supplied with either floor stand, ceiling fixing, or track mounting onto the Willard track system. The Luminaire is also suitable for use with a pantograph suspension system for fall and rise height adjustment.

As rising energy costs are of big concern right now, we can assure our customers that this luminaire only consumes a fraction of the energy associated with more traditional fluorescent lamps. What's even more impressive is that the LED's have a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 25 years (based on a typical use of 8 hours a days 5 a week!), which makes them the most sustainable choice for illuminating any studio with quality colour rendering light.

These Luminaires are fitted with colour rendering LEDs with colour render index CRI (ra) of 99 & R9 of 94 & R12 of 96.5. The featured luminaire is fitted with a fully dimmable bi-colour system comprising of both 5000K & 6500k lamps, which enables the user to select just the right colour temperature to suit a specific application via the smooth stepless dimming control. The luminaires are also available fitted with a fully dimmable single colour temperature (either 5000k or 6500k) if preferred.

Due to the custom nature of this studio luminaire, please get in touch for a quote via our contact page.

View the full product page here.


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