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Product Focus: Laboratory sink with drying rack

We’ve always offered this add on-feature but due to it’s popularity, Willard are pleased to introduce this is as a stand-alone model! The Laboratory sink with drying rack located below the sink comprises of a perforated stainless steel shelf into which has been fitted adjustable vertical stainless steel supports. This handy feature can be used for storage of washing trays and similar items.

As manufacturers of this piece of equipment, we can customise this model to suit your needs. For example, the drying rack can also be produced with shelves, or a combination of shelves and drying rack.

These versatile washing laboratory sinks are a useful addition to any studio or laboratory. They are designed to provide conservators with a flexible washing, draining and drying system and are suitable for most locations.

The washing tank is supplied with a geared tilting mechanism, which can be used during either the washing, draining or drying processes. The individually constructed stainless steel tank has a smooth double folded top lip for rigidity together with an extra thick rigid base of stainless steel to ensure strength and flatness.

View the product listing here. Please note, this product cannot be purchased online.


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