Product Spotlight: Conservation Studio Lighting

In the conservation profession, having the correct equipment is essential to enhancing the quality of the conservation. When dealing with paintings, textiles and paper conservation, it is imperative that the lighting equipment is high quality to increase the visibility of the work, making every fine detail apparent. Below are some of the conservation studio lighting options available from Willard.

Compact LED Luminaire

The Compact LED Luminaire uses ultra bright 5600K LED with an output equivalent to over 850 Watts of tungsten light, but uses just 36 Watts, less than a standard domestic light bulb, to conserve energy.

Weighing just under 2 kg, this compact luminaire is extremely versatile and can be transported easily from studio to studio with minimal effort.

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Studio Luminaires

Willard Studio Luminaires are designed to provide excellent colour rendering through high quality illumination, producing a natural lighting effect. With floor or ceiling mounting options, they are carefully balanced to ensure effortless manoeuvring.

The Luminaire body is constructed from powder coated aluminium one-piece casing, incorporating elegant rounded corners and edges. 

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Light Box Table