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Product Spotlight: Spatula Set type B

This month, we’re showcasing the Spatula Set Type B, a set put together based on the most popular items purchased from Willard. Made to last throughout your professional conservator career, this is an ideal starter kit investment and is offered at the reduced price of £999.00.

Product name: Spatula Set type B Price: £999.00 Includes: 1No. Standard model Willard Control Unit,  1No. Willard 1E (or 1EC) Heated Spatula with a set of 7No. Tips and a 1No. Willard 4E Heated Spatula. Main functions: To provide an accurate and constant amount of heat to the tip of the spatula, just where and when required. Who’s used this equipment: This equipment is regularly used within all conservation disciplines, including paper, paintings, textiles and several more. As a result of their reliability and accuracy, these tools are also being used within specific areas of the aircraft industry together with the high end automotive industry and have also been used within some areas of the medical profession. Can be used for: Any task which requires a variable and accurate application of heat to a specific item or surface area.

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