The durable and reliable 1EC Compact Heated Spatula Set supplied with a set of 7 tips is a highly popular and versatile spatula with an enormous range of applications at a special combined price.




The 1EC Heated Spatula supplied with 7 standard tips comprises of:


  • 1 x 1EC Heated Spatula
  • 7 x interchangeable tips (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)


N.B: All Willard heated spatulas require a Willard Control unit (Standard or Special) to operate, these are available separately. This model is also available separately as are the tips.  


Available accessories include: 



As we manufacture all Willard Hand tools within our workshops, we are always happy to discuss the production of different bespoke tools to meet individual requirements and will always be pleased to consider possible variations, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please ask us.

1EC Compact Heated Spatula / Tacking Iron with 7 Standard Tips (Shoes)

  • Length of spatula including tip: 175mm (6-3/4in)

    Weight: approx 200g / 6oz / 0.5 kg