This range of proven reliable, smooth and quiet running side channel suction exhausters are available in 0.75KW  1.5 kW & 2.2kW models.


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Each model provides an excellent and reliable source of suction for a variety of applications. The free standing exhauster, supplied with speed controller and illuminated digital suction gauge are installed within a purpose made ventilated  acoustic cabinet, constructed of powder coated aluminium, fitted on lockable castors.  A hand held speed control dial on a flexible cord for easy finger tip control of exhauster revolutions, which ensures the desired amount of suction is provided, as required.


The Exhauster units (suction sources) can be supplied separately or integrated within a suction table and can be used as a source of suction on a variety of Willard products including the miniature platform, spotting table and the textile cleaning suction table.


The models and prices are as follows:


0.75 KW  £3950.00 GBP Suitable for use with the miniature platform & suction wand

1.5KW    £5120.00 GBP   Higher pressure exhauster suitable for many paper treatments.

2.2KW    £5990.00 GBP   Highest volume exhauster with dual vane to create high volume and higher pressure, suitable for all applications.


Equipment can be manufactured to operate within individual electrical supply voltages. A step-up transformer maybe required for operation within USA & Japan, which can either be provided, as an integrated part of the equipment at manufacture or sourced locally in the destination country.


Compatible tables: 


  • Miniature Platform
  • Spotting Table 
  • Suction Wand
  • Suction Tablet
  • Textile Cleaning Suction Table
  • Compact A1 Suction Table


This item cannot be bought online. Please email or call +44(0)1243 776928 to discuss your requirements and complete your purchase.

Exhausters (Suction Sources)