This is an adjustable height access chair which was first developed as a bespoke project. It has a high mass and a low centre of gravity for maximum stability and minimum vibration when working on paintings held vertically.


This Adjustable Chair was developed to meet a specific requirement of gaining access to large paintings where the only option for undertaking work is to do so with the painting held vertically (On a Willard Studio Easel). The Chair can easily be positioned in front of the Painting and the operator can securely position themselves on the chair and place all necessary tools on the convenient shelves fitted each side.


By using the hand lever, the operator can then raise the chair and themselves to precisely the desired height in front of the painting. Once work is complete, the Chair can easily and safely be lowered back down to floor level by releasing the lever and allowing the chair to gently glide back down. All of these attributes make the Willard Adjustable Height Access Chair perfect for art restoration and conservation.


All Willard equipment is a manufactured in our UK workshops, therefore this equipment can be tailored to meet individual requirements and prices start from around £19,000.

Adjustable Height Access Chair