This wall mounted Scanning Easel is an important tool for every large studio to assist in studying the underlying structure of a painting, including microscopic infra-red/ultraviolet and X-ray information, for use with a variety of viewing heads.


This range of wall mounted Easels provide a smooth vibration free environment for objects. The carrier has been designed to hold a painting or similar item securely whilst preventing unwanted pressure.  A painting or similar object, can either be fitted vertically within the carrier or set at an angle to prevent unwanted reflection or glare.


The movement is conveniently controlled through a remote, hand-held console to allow fingertip manipulation. The traverse is in a smooth vibration-free motion, regardless of load, ranging from nil to 300mm (12in) per minute. 


Typical models accommodate up to: 3 x 4m (10 x 13ft) with a depth up to: 150mm (6in) Lateral axis: 8m (26ft) with 5m (16ft) travel Vertical axis: 4.5m (15ft) with 2.5m (8ft) travel


As all Willard equipment is manufactured in our UK workshops, these Easels are tailored to meet individual requirements and can be shipped in a semi assembled state for easy assembly and installation on site. 


This item cannot be bought online. Please email or call +44(0)1243 776928 to discuss your requirements and complete your purchase.

Wall Mounted Scanning Easel



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