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How to Care for Your Conservation Hand Tools

Our range of world-famous hand tools for conservation are a special investment for many conservators. Whilst renowned for their high-build quality and long lasting craftsmanship, there are some things you can do to care for your conservation tools to prolong their lifespan even further. Embrace these simple measures, and your Willard hand tools with be with you for a very, very long time!

Before using your hand tools…

  • Once you have received your new Willard tool, we recommend you read the set-up instructions specific to your hand tool as every model is different.

  • If you have any specific questions regarding set-up, the Willard team will be pleased to assist you.

  • The Willard Control Units (Standard & Special models) have been built specifically to control Willard hand tools, any other types of Control Units are incompatible and will cause damage.

While using…

  • Spatula stands are a really useful addition to your tool collection as they allow the heated spatulas to rest safely whilst still hot. This is a much better solution than wedging the hot spatula into the gap under the handle on the control unit! Browse and shop the enclosed and open stands.

  • Our Control Unit Stand creates a convenient inclined position for the control unit, which enhances easy setting and control during use.

After using and storage…

  • Always allow the tools to cool completely before attempting to store away after use.

  • Always coil the flex carefully and do not wind it around the handle.

  • When disconnecting the spatula or iron from the control unit, always hold the plug firmly to remove it, do not pull the plug out by tugging on the flex, as this will over time, damage the plug connections.

However, even the most cared for tools and equipment can still feel the effects of general wear and tear after time which is why we are pleased to offer servicing and maintenance aftercare. Take a look at just some examples of this service here.

If you require specific information on a particular tool or piece of conservation equipment, please get in touch and our team will be pleased to assist you.


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