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Product Spotlight: Space Saving Conservation Equipment

Looking for space saving conservation equipment to maximise your working space? If you’re tight for space in your conservation studio, our range of multifunctional and compact models could be just what you need. Going small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality either. With Willard, you can be reassured that every piece of equipment undergoes the same design and build quality that can last a whole career. Take a look below at just some of Willard’s space saving conservation equipment models.

Compact A1 Suction Table

The Willard trolley mounted compact A1 size suction table has been designed to conveniently allow both a suction exhauster and carbon filter to be stowed away under the table for ease of use and practicality.

The table can be operated with both items positioned directly below the table or they can easily be moved to an adjacent position to facilitate use of the table whilst seated. These can either be supplied individually or as a complete system. This an ideal suction table for studios with limited available space without compromising on equipment function and flexibility.

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Lab sink with drying rack

These versatile washing laboratory sinks are a useful addition to any studio or laboratory. They are designed to provide conservators with a flexible washing, draining and drying system all within one piece of equipment.

A perforated stainless steel shelf is fitted with adjustable vertical stainless steel supports’ which can be used for storage of washing trays and similar items. The drying rack can also be produced with shelves, or a combination of shelves and drying rack.

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Sub illuminated suction table

Looking for a suction table and lightbox? This innovative suction table also features a sub-illuminated LED back lighting, providing an excellent illuminated work surface.

The fully dimmable LED lighting system, provides high quality light which illuminates through to the work surface.

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Table top cover

Make the most of work surface space when equipment isn’t in use with our removable work top table covers.

With the underside lined with a soft material to protect the perforated top surface of a suction table, you can choose from a lightweight honeycomb panels or double sided hardwood laminate.

These work tops are custom built to suit all Willard suction tables and laboratory sinks.

Find out more here.

Compact Luminaire

Willard Compact Studio Luminaires are designed to provide excellent colour rendering through high quality illumination with a natural lighting effect.

The Luminaire comprises 6 compact 600mm, low energy fluorescent tubes within a purpose made chassis and supplied complete with height adjustable stand with castors. With floor or ceiling mounting options, they are carefully balanced to ensure effortless manoeuvring.

Find out more here.

Compact LED Luminaire

The Compact Bi-colour LED Luminaire is one of the most economical and lightweight light tools available at Willard. The overall size is 340mm x 380mm x 78mm and is fitted with an integral dimmer switch.

Using ultra-bright 3200K to 5600K LED with an output equivalent to over 850 Watts of tungsten light, the light uses just 36 Watts, less than a standard domestic light bulb. Weighing just under 2kg, this compact luminaire is extremely versatile.

Find out more here.

If you require space saving conservation equipment that isn’t featured here, please get in touch and we will happily assist you.


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